Pressure reduces you team’s ability to perform and negatively impacts your bottom line – so let us help you build a team that welcomes pressure and even thrives under pressure, and watch your bottom line improve.


Displayed in the office, with the 5 Great Principles, Gratitude, Reframing, Energy, Advancement and Team, ensures that the delegates are reminded about the positive benefits of the hormones produced in the body when these principles are practiced, and made into a habit.


A video recording is conducted by Michelle and Gary, where the CEO or President talks about the 5 GREAT Principles, and how they have positively impacted his staff, increasing the productivity and ultimately, the profitability of the business.


We go through how the delegates can use the 5 GREAT Principles, working on dealing with any ‘blocks’ they may have, then ensuring they make these principles a habit, exponentially increasing their personal, and the team’s ability to handle pressure.

What we do for you is Transform your teams approach to handling pressure, so that they can be more successful.


The 3 HOUR WORKSHOP (which can be customized to suit the clients requirements) will give every delegate the tools too not only handle pressure, but THRIVE under pressure, using the 5 GREAT principles – Gratitude, Reframing, Energy, Advancement & Team – which are scientifically proven to reduce the damaging effects of excessive Pressure.  BOOK NOW >

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