Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to gain from the Keynote, workshops or webinars?

The tools to, deal with excessive stress and pressure and to learn to thrive with it, so becoming more successful personally and professionally.

What is the maximum number of people?

We offer Keynotes to audiences of any size. We normally don’t have more than 50 delegates for workshops, but we are happy to try to accommodate our client’s needs. For webinars,  between 10 to 20 participants is ideal.

What material is provided.

Workbooks, assessment sheets, and ebooks are available for our keynotes, workshops and webinars. We can make it company bespoke by adding your logo and even changing some of the content, to suit your company’s needs.

Seating specifications?

Auditorium style for Keynotes, and conference style for workshops.

What are your fees?

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can work within your budget.

Do Gary and Michelle present together?

Michelle and Gary present their Keynote Talk, Workshops and Webinars together.

For Women’s Conferences, Michelle presents a female approach to the 5 Great Principles.

You can book Gary separately for sports and soccer events.

What references did you use to support up your content?

You can download the references here>

Need Anything Else?